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buttruely / Leden / buttruely



2819 keer bezocht sinds 13 Oktober 2011, 07:03
Naam Buttruely Buttruely
Geboortedatum 28-10-1974
Leeftijd 44
Woonplaats buttruely, Belgi
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'monster monk '

Geplaatst 25 November 2011, 06:42
Trefwoorden: Ugg Boots Clearance

ion the medicine square of liquid and refining a method me need not

t chief's knife split past, but Lin2 Lu3 be nowise Ugg Boots Clearance   late of block the corpse of werewolf's monster monk in the hand at before the body.

The sheep clan monster monk is in the edge of knife close by the split second of werewolf's monster monk, have a split second of hesitant, after all this is the body of his compatriot, but lookings at to hide Lin2 Lu3 in monster monk and the sheep clan monster monk bite and the edge of knife again add together the corpse of werewolf's monster monk and is two halfs Lin2 Lu3 Yi's knife.

But at this time, but the corpse of werewolf's monster monk suddenly played to get up, active of headed for the edge of knife of the sheep clan monster monk.

"Mao", a small voice chaperonage blood light splash, the body of werewolf's monster monk since the shoulder department be split to cut to open, but Lin2 Lu3 of werewolf's monster monk back but have already be missing.

In the sheep clan monster monk heart a surprised, the dark way be not good, but oneself of knife but still in the body of the compatriot, but Lin2 Lu3 unexpectedly and fiercely from start to fly of under flee of werewolf's monster monk come out, one punch dozen come over.

The sheep clan monster monk dare not with the light heart, just Lin2 Lu3's one punch "kill" the scene of werewolf's monster monk and can still come clearly to view, too late take out knife, the sheep clan monster monk be loose to put knife, let go of to clench fist and bump to Lin2 Lu3's fist.

At two fist contact of time, a white light suddenly of from the Lin2 Lu3's hand extension but, lead off of stab at the fist of the sheep clan monster monk up!

Eyes of the sheep clan monster monk are suddenly big, he clear of saw white light once slice oneself of boxing noodles, see oneself of finger tidy of split to open, peeped out a few break of deadly pale.

White the light have no, along with Lin2 Lu3's fist suddenly of again enter, sliced a thumb, together with half palm, end finally disappear disappear.

This is what, difficult way is monster clan the warrior then can use of does the monster work properly dint?

This mind just just rise at sheep clan the brain inside of the monk, he see a burst of that break of deadly pale break Zhang, suddenly become scarlet, several blood arrows jet come out, in the meantime a the ache which drill heartUgg Sale suddenly spread to his brain inside, imitate if was fiercely inserted a steel needle Lin2 Lu3 to have no half cent in the brain by the person hesitant, body already again of go up, the right hand be suddenly horizontal to flick, the sheep clan monster monk because of the palm be break, the acute pain let his anti- contingency of slow on clap, his another a hand haven't come yet and raise, Lin2 Lu3's right hand already in his neck suddenly once flicked!

Accept a hand, back!

Lin2 Lu3 as if hunt leopard to attack general quick, step back but such as fresh breeze brush past, Lin2 Lu3 have already let in the innumerable the time of the combat and the failure oneself of fight the efficiency promote tallest.

The neck of the sheep clan monster monk suddenly of the emergence a red line, red line very quick of extension, end fiercely split to open, blood from inside spray, left jet form on the ground of one be scarlet to print to record.

Receive Ba Li3 although with lend own super and strong artistic skill, hard block bottom three monster clan monster monk assassin, also hard up for cash, body many the quite a few various scar, know to still have 2 the monster monk be make track for to kill Lin2 Lu3 and receive Ba Li3 Da4 nasty, can't break away.

Hear fight of back a still have to miserably hum a voice, receive Ba Li3 disregard of turn head, but see of surprised Cha Lin2 Lu3 just as a cockfight general of stand at first, but then pour two monster person's corpse on the ground, a is split almost two half, an of neck top spilted open a big.

The Zheng received Ba Li3's eyes suddenly is suddenlybig, the taste inside was full of hard believe, the real strenght of these monster monks be all very not low, Lin2 Lu3 incredibly does a person face two monster monk, polish off them still in so shortly time?

Three monster person who lay siege to receive Ba Li3's ising also big is shocked, obviously also didn't expect this doctor unexpectedly such severe, three 1 in the monster person roar loud a way:"I block him and you kill him!"

Say that after finish, that monster person unexpectedly disregard of brandish oneself of weapon, spacious of the tent be all wield by his weapon of strength spirit to split into pieces of thousand Chuangs be 100 bores, have no composition and see if crazy tiger, complete of nobody wins dozen method.

The moreover two monster person evil monk has already cast aside to receive Ba Li3, fiercely rush at Lin2 Lu3, in Lin2 Lu3 Xin big Hai, just is its never thought that, use trick and angel of imitate the surgical operation knife kill two monster person, now come to 2 again, and power if crazy tiger, root be the appearance that the Han stand in no fear of dead, this how arrive live, estimate calculate Lin2 Lu3 Neng2 kill to nowise establish to defend of an among those, oneself will be also split into 2 pieces by them, even 4 piece

Lin2 Lu3 doesn't hestitate to return aUggs Clearance  body to run, agreeable is just mown out by the confused conflict of a cake of the big hole be fierce of on jumping to wear to go out just wear to go out and then feel to layer afte

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